What Is Two-Factor authentication (2FA)?

Two-Factor authentication (2FA) is a two step process used to verify a user's identity. 2FA goes a step further than asking for a single method of identity, such as entering a password, therefore dialling up the level of security on accessing your account. 


You can now use 2FA as an additional security layer to protect your Mailock account.


For further reading, we've created several guides, as below, to run through every aspect of using 2FA with Mailock.


How to Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

How to Use Microsoft Authenticator With 2FA

How to Use Google Authenticator With 2FA

How to Reset Recovery Codes Used With 2FA

How to Sign In Using 2FA

How to Change the Authenticator Device Added or Switch Off 2FA

How to Enforce 2FA for My Company Owners and Administrators Accessing the Company Admin Portal