Getting Started with Company Admin

Managing Your Company's Mailock Account

Company Administration Console - getting started

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Welcome to Mailock! We've compiled this getting started guide to give a brief overview of the Company Admin portal and to get you started with key features, adding your company branding and inviting users.


Beyond Encryption or your reseller will add your company to the Company Admin portal and will grant access for at least one company owner.


You can access the Company Admin portal here


You'll need to sign-in with the same credentials that you used to sign up with during the registration process for Mailock. Only users configured with company 'owner' or company 'administrator' privileges are granted access to the portal.


Each tab within the Company Admin portal has the following functionalities:


  • Dashboard - Quick overview of all the invitations you have sent, both those that have already been activated by the invitee and those that remain pending activation.
  • Users - Provides an overview of all users that are activated to use the system. You can add users both here and within the Invitations tab.
  • Shared Addresses - You can set up an email address so multiple accounts can be linked to it.
  • Invitations - Displays all the invitations that you have sent out to your company users and the status of those invitations.
  • Company Settings - View company details and tailor your branding and assurance text, trigger words, domains used, owners & administrators, read w/o email verification option and Unipass Identity.
  • Subscription - Lists details regarding your company's subscription and an area to add/amend payment method.
  • Audit Trail - A record of all your company activities. 


Within the portal you can tailor settings to your company's requirements.


Branding - Add your company branding and assurance text, we have a step by step guide here


Invite users - Invite colleagues to use Mailock, find out more here


Setting up your company branding and inviting users are the first steps when starting out with Mailock. The Company Admin portal has many more features you can explore, find out more here