Company Settings Overview - Settings Tabs

Company Administration settings

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When you click on the Company Settings tab, you'll see the settings home screen, starting with the Company tab. Each tab within the Company Settings section has the following functionalities:


Company - If required, you can amend your company name here. You can also view the total number of licenses you have and how many users are using them. If you need to increase the number of licences, you can find our details on this tab too, or call us on 0208 1234546.


Branding - This tab offers a fantastic opportunity to add your company logo and assurance text, which will be sent out in secure emails by your users to recipients.  For more info on how to add your branding click here


Trigger Words - Trigger words or phrases used by the Mailock Add-in to prompt the user to send securely. You can tailor this section by adding trigger words of your choice. For more info about trigger words click here


Domains - Configure which email address(es) you'd like your users to send from. There is also the ability to turn on 'Enforce on secure send', so users can only send from the email address domains of your choice. For further info about domains click here


Owners - Displays the list of owners, these users can create new owners and administrators and can invite users to use Mailock for your company. 


Administrators - Displays list of administrators, an administrator can do everything an owner can, apart from creating or removing an owner. For more info about both Administrators and Owners click here


Read w/o Email Verification - Allows a sender to send a secure message to an unregistered recipient that they can read just by answering the challenge question. For further info about this feature click here


Unipass Identity - Mailock supports Unipass Identity by Origo, the eCommerce standards and services body for the UK financial services industry. If you're within the financial services, there is the option to turn on this feature to allow your users to use Unipass Identity to protect messages destined for valid Unipass Identity holders. For further info about Unipass Identity click here


Access the Company Admin portal here