Mailock Launches Beyond Encryption into Recruitment and HR Sector
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Mailock Launches Beyond Encryption Into Recruitment And HR Sector

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UK cyber security firm, Beyond Encryption, has brought one of the recruitment industry’s ‘big hitters’ on board as it kick-starts its expansion into new sectors.

The company has already made waves in the legal and financial industries, where its Mailock system is providing military-grade encryption protection to businesses’ emails.

Now, Beyond Encryption is embarking on a mission to do the same in the recruitment sector and has appointed Steve Searle, cofounder and former managing director of Matchtech (now Gattaca plc), as its recruitment industry specialist.

Steve oversaw a huge period of growth as MD of Matchtech and under his leadership, the firm became the largest single-site recruitment company in the UK. Since stepping down, he has gone on to hold a range of non-exec director roles and helped various start-ups achieve their own growth ambitions. In his new role with Beyond Encryption, he will help to develop the firm’s presence in the recruitment industry.

Steve says that having worked in the sector for many years, he knows first-hand how important email security is. He adds: “The benefits of secure communications within the recruitment and HR industries are very clear, not least because of the sensitive nature of personal information being transmitted. If you think about the type of data being sent daily, it includes people’s entire career histories, addresses and of course bank details. In a post-GDPR world, we all know how important it is to keep that safe. There’s also the element of protecting financially sensitive information within invoice and payroll functions, where privacy and fraud prevention are critical.”

As well as recruiters and HR teams, Beyond Encryption has plans to open its services to umbrella and contractor services, payroll, and CRM Software Solutions.

CEO Paul Holland says: “We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Steve on board as such a prominent player in the recruitment industry’s evolution to date. The recruitment sector is a huge ecosystem with its own complex web of support services. Communication security, as ever, remains extremely important for every business within that ecosystem and we’re making it our mission to give them the tools to keep their digital email data, and that of their clients, safe.”

Beyond Encryption’s Mailock system not only encrypts emails so hackers can’t intercept them, but it also allows users to verify that they’re opened by the intended party. It does this by allowing users to challenge the recipient’s identity before permitting access and as such can provide an invaluable audit trail of ‘Digital Recorded Delivery®.

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