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Research and guides to identity, outbound email security, and digital transformation for leaders in regulated sectors.

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What is email encryption?

Definition, best practices and statistics

Email encryption is the disguising of email content to protect it from interception by unauthorised parties. Learn more about email encryption in our 101 guide.

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101 Guide

What is secure email?

Thinking through secure email solutions

Secure email solutions use email encryption and identity authentication to protect outbound information. Learn more about secure email in our 101 guide.

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Compliance Checklist: Financial Services Outbound Email

In the financial services, data security and compliance is vital for trust. We explore how firms can ensure financial services outbound email compliance.

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Need-To-Know: 24 Statistics On The State Of UK FinTech ESG

2022 is a big year for FinTech ESG. We have collated the latest 24 stats to explore the current state of FinTech ESG and the trends arising this year.

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The Digital Transformation Toolkit For Financial Services Leaders

We compiled evidence from over 98 key research sources to create three guides that answer essential questions asked by financial services change leaders.

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The Complete Checklist: 2022 Financial Services ESG Musts

Boards and investors are placing greater focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). What are the steps to a strong ESG proposition in 2022?

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Fighting Fatigue: A Whitepaper On Cyber Risk And Wellbeing

We explore how the impact of remote working on wellbeing affects company cybersecurity imperatives.

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Future Tech 20: Making The Financial Services Success Stories Of 2023

Technology will be a key differentiator for financial services companies in 2023. Twenty technologies will shape the success stories of the near future.

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8 Secrets To Creating Organisational Change Without Rocking The Boat

In 2022, financial services firms will continue on a trajectory of rapid digital transformation. But how do you make change without rocking the boat?

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Sustainability In The Financial Services: What Comes After COP26?

What does COP26 mean for the financial services and what needs to happen next? Download the Whitepaper: Sustainability in the Financial Services Industry: What...

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5 Processes Your Financial Services Transformation Has Overlooked

70% of companies have a digital transformation strategy. Here are 5 processes to ensure you haven’t overlooked in your financial services transformation.

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