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Struggling to drive change in FS?

In 2022, financial services organisations will continue on a trajectory of rapid digital transformation. Over 56% of CEOs plan to increase investment in digital change. What are the barriers to a successful change programme?

Secrets to creating change

Paul Holland

A message from our CEO

Key takeaways

We compiled evidence from over 19 key research sources to find the secrets to creating change within the financial services.


Upskilling existing workers is critical to ensuring buy-in and reducing pushback.


Allotting a high technology budget to change results in fewer incidents that cause friction.


Motivation milestones are key, with 31% of staff reporting they increase productivity.


Firms that consistently readdress risk are likely to see higher rates of change success.

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“Attracting a diverse talent pool, developing their skills, and fostering workforce buy-in is a make-or-break challenge for organisational transformation. Embracing new ways of working, including the move to hybrid working models, will make an organisation more attractive as a place to work.”

Isabelle Jenkins Financial Services Leader, PwC UK
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  • Motivating change buy-in
  • Making upskilling a core focus
  • Is your budget big enough?
  • Planning for risk, always
  • A delicate legacy approach
  • Communicating, the right way