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What processes has your firm overlooked?

Financial services leaders are focused on next-generation technologies for igniting institutional change. Yet, 73% of enterprise transformations fail to scale and produce a sustained return-on-investment. Five processes are getting left behind by financial services organisations through digital change.

processed your digital transformation overlooked

Key findings

We compiled evidence from over 16 key research sources to discover the processes that are commonly overlooked in financial services digital transformation.


Organisations that do not neglect legacy institutional knowledge flows are 2.1x as likely to succeed with their digital transformation efforts.


Upskilling staff on new technologies is vital for frictionless digital change - 55% of employees have only low to moderate digital aptitude.


Overlooking processes that maintain staff collaboration could make a business half as likely to succeed with a digital transformation.


Ensuring that increases in digitally-conducted business are met with proportional cybersecurity measures is crucial to protect new systems.


“When organisations undertake digital transformation and focus only on technology at the expense of culture, that can hinder progress in many areas”

Carey Oven, Partner, Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP
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