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Beyond Encryption Wins Big In 2022: Top Awards And Press

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2022 was a big year for Beyond Encryption. We've made huge strides in our mission to enable secure communication for a better world.

It's not like us to brag... but we're proud of the awards, accreditations, and press that recognise our people for doing good.

So, we thought we'd give you a rundown of our top achievements in 2022 to give our amazing team a little pat on the back 👏.

1. Cybersecurity Breakthrough

The Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards celebrates the world's best information security companies, products and people.

This year, we won Best Cybersecurity Breakthrough product for Mailock, our secure email solution, in the Messaging and Email Security category.

The award recognises the significant improvements we've made to user experience and threat resilience for users during 2022.

2. Best Secure Comms

Getting featured in Cybernews' list of the Best Secure Communications Software was a highlight for the team back in September.

Cybernews is our industry's top cyber and tech-related news provider, covering everything from cyber wars to VPN discount coupons.

Approval for the list is a selective process, and we're glad that Cybernews recognised us for Mailock's email encryption and authentication capabilities, as well as the launch of our free secure email account.

3. Best Marketing Website

The Digital Communications Awards (DCA) is one of the most prestigious awards events for marketing and communications professionals.

Based on a half-year overview presentation covering our website development project, rebrand, and results, we were credited for Best Website (along with our partners in crime, Articulate Marketing).

We're very proud of our website, which went live in October 2021 and has resulted in a much better experience for our visitors (like you! 🫵).

4. Tech Leadership Team

A bubbly night at the South Coast Tech Awards resulted in the B.E. top brass winning a much-deserved award for Leadership Team Of The Year.

Our leadership team is close-knit, people-focused and always open to doing things a little differently. We know that - but we're happy they are being recognised by the wider industry for their unique approach.

You can learn more about our leadership team, our culture, our people on our About Us page.

5. Cyber Defence Product

Despite the lack of secure WiFi, The National Cyber Awards was a great night out and a steaming success.

We were commended with Cybersecurity Defence Product Of The Year, a sought-after credit for products with innovative security protocols.

Prime minister, Liz Truss, said the awards are "a wonderful way to reward, celebrate and showcase the work of those who keep us safe."

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Originally posted on 19 10 22
Last updated on December 21, 2023

Posted by: Team B.E.

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