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A secure connection

So many of our transactions and communications occur online so the importance of being sure who we are dealing with has never been greater.

Having confidence in the identities of the individuals and organisations with whom you share confidential information is essential to protecting your identity, your online safety and your livelihood from the growing threats of identity fraud and data theft.

SecureScore® from Beyond Encryption makes that possible.

Recognising a face in a crowd

To understand how SecureScore® works, let’s consider how identity is used and authenticated in the real world.

Most of us at some time have opened a bank account. When we do so, multiple hard copy forms of identification are required by the bank to authenticate our identity and allow the account to be opened - a valid passport, driver’s license and maybe a recent utility bill.

What the bank is doing here is accepting that if the Passport office, DVLA and a recognised utility provider have each individually agreed that you are who you claim to be, and that you live where you say you live, that they are satisfied that this is sufficiently proven to allow your account to be opened.

We call this ‘Crowd Authentication®

In this case the crowd consists of three respected organisations who have each previously undertaken their own ID authentication process.

Knowing the score

If we take this real-life ID authentication example and consider how it can be applied to the online world, the power of SecureScore® becomes very clear.

Digital messages and transactions represent direct points of contact between individuals and other individuals and organisations, building in volume and frequency over time.

The power of SecureScore® is that it calculates and applies a value (or score) to each of these digital connections, recognising the value of each source and recipient, along with the nature, recency and frequency of contact.

The sum of all of these scores results in an ID authentication value to provide all parties with greater certainty about who they are dealing with, all anonymously.

Taken on trust

Beyond Encryption®'s SecureScore® platform empowers users, business and consumer, to create a network of validated, digital identity connections and to benefit from their own unique secure and trusted contact community

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