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Joining The Dots On Customer Communications With Dave Reynolds

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For episode 4 of Sense of Identity, we sat down with Dave Reynolds from Paragon Customer Communications to discuss the importance of a multi-channel approach to compliant customer communications.

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Dave Reynolds is CEO of the Customer Communications and Lead Supply business lines for the UK, Ireland and Luxembourg region of Paragon.

He tells us about his business line’s evolution from a print production house into an organisation that delivers communications to thousands of customers each week using an insight-driven blend of channels.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about Paragon’s extensive operations, handling billions of communications, and how technology drives efficiency in this sector.
  • Discover the importance of offering a mix of digital and traditional communication methods to meet diverse customer preferences, especially in regulated industries.
  • Understand Paragon’s commitment to sustainability, their journey towards Net Zero by 2050, and initiatives like carbon calculators for offsetting emissions.

Interview Summary

Paul: Can you give us an overview of Paragon and your journey to becoming CEO?

Dave: Certainly. I joined Paragon, which evolved from a merger of 17 different businesses, including my own company. I've been in this industry for over 30 years. Paragon has grown significantly, now comprising 9,000 people across 64 sites in 15 countries, and it's a €1.4 billion business.

Paul: With such a vast operation, how do you manage the logistics and scope of your services?

Dave: Our business sends 6 billion physical communications and even more digital communications annually. Embracing technology is key to managing this volume efficiently.

Paul: It's impressive how Paragon offers a blended approach to communications. Can you expand on that?

Dave: Absolutely. The pandemic accelerated the shift towards digital options, but it's crucial to offer choice. Many customers prefer a mix of digital and paper communications, especially in regulated sectors like financial services.

Paul: How important is security in your digital communications?

Dave: It's vital. We've partnered with technology companies like Beyond Encryption to integrate secure digital communication options. This partnership complements our existing services and meets customer needs.

Paul: Could you touch upon Paragon's role in sustainability and ESG?

Dave: Sustainability is central to our future operations. We're committed to Net Zero by 2050 and are taking steps like installing solar panels and exploring other green energy options. Our carbon calculator helps customers understand and offset their carbon footprint.

Paul: The scale of Paragon's operation is remarkable. Can you describe the variety of tasks and challenges in your workflow?

Dave: Our tasks range from producing a single sheet of paper to handling large-scale projects like election materials and COVID test kits. Despite our size, we remain agile and responsive to diverse customer needs.

Paul: Having your family involved in Paragon must be significant for you.

Dave: Yes, it is. Having a family presence in the business reinforces the importance of the work we do and our commitment to our people and customers.

Paul: How have customer communications evolved during your career?

Dave: There's been a noticeable shift towards digital communications, but the key is finding the right balance between digital and traditional methods. Understanding customer preferences and adapting accordingly is crucial.

Paul: Finally, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Dave: I’d say the journey is quicker than you think. Embrace change, work to live, not live to work, and hold on tight for an exciting ride.

Paul: Thank you, Dave, for sharing your insights.

Dave: My pleasure, Paul. Thank you.

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Originally posted on 09 02 23
Last updated on March 22, 2024

Posted by: Paul Holland

CEO and Founder of Beyond Encryption, Paul is an expert on digital identity, fintech, cyber security, and business. As a key driver behind the development of Webline, one of the UK’s most well-known comparison engines, Paul has vast experience in developing digital technologies and bringing them to market. Through Beyond Encryption’s Mailock, nigel and AssureScore solutions, he aims to make a positive impact by helping regulated businesses engage with customers while keeping their data secure.

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