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Paul Holland

Solutions team in office planning next project
5 Min

The Key Focus Should Be Equipping Teams To Deal With Remote Risk

No one expected a pandemic, or hybrid working to become the norm. This resulted in enterprises being unprepared for...

Sustainability officer smiling in office
4 Min

COP26 Or Cop-Out? What The Agreement Means For UK Financial Services Firms

How do the outcomes from the recent COP26 summit affect businesses across the UK, especially those found within the financial...

Female colleague completing onboarding for cybersecurity awareness
3 Min

What The Pandora Papers Teach Financial Services Firms About Cybersecurity

When considering the recent data leak, what does the information that has been revealed mean for...

Professional Man In A Suit Looking At Phone In Street Smiling
12 Min

Beyond Encryption: Identity, Trust, And Secure Communications

Eliminating friction in communication without compromising digital identity and our associated...