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Setting The Standard For Ubiquitous Connectivity With Anthony Rafferty

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For episode 6 of Sense of Identity, we caught up with CEO of Origo Services, Anthony Rafferty, to discuss how digital technology is setting a standard for ubiquitous connectivity in the financial services industry.

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Anthony Rafferty is CEO at Origo Services, our partner on the joint secure email solution Unipass Mailock. As the UK's original fintech company, Origo Services has a goal to connect the financial services industry for the benefit of everyone through its toolkit of software services.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain insights into how to tackle paper-based processes in the pensions and investments industry with more efficient digital solutions.
  • Discover how Unipass Identity revolutionises secure access for financial advisers, streamlining their interaction with multiple platforms and enhancing overall efficiency and security in the financial services sector.
  • Explore predictions for the future of digital services in financial services, focusing on the growing consumer demand for digital efficiency and security, and how regulatory changes like Consumer Duty will drive the industry towards more innovative solutions.

Interview Summary

Paul: Welcome, Anthony Rafferty, CEO of Origo Services. It's great to have you join us for our podcast "Sense of Identity."

Anthony: Delighted to be here, Paul. Looking forward to our discussion.

Paul: Anthony, could you share with our audience the evolution of Origo since its inception in 1989 and its growth under your leadership?

Anthony: Certainly. Origo, synonymous with fintech, was established in 1989, the same year as the World Wide Web.

It originated with a focus on creating efficiency in the market through standardised data exchange in life, pensions, and investments.

Later, Origo shifted towards software as a service, gaining prominence with our transfer service, Origo Transfer Service, managing a significant portion of defined contribution pensions. We also have a brand called Unipass, well-known among financial advisers.

Paul: That's impressive. How integral is Unipass in your suite of tools, especially concerning the Origo Transfer Service?

Anthony: Unipass Identity, a core product, simplifies and secures access for financial advisers to various platforms and providers. It's deeply integrated into our services, including Unipass Mailock, enhancing both security and convenience for users.

Paul: What are the main challenges Origo is addressing in the industry today?

Anthony: Our primary focus is on eliminating outdated, paper-based processes still prevalent in the pensions and investment sectors. Digital solutions, like our digital Letter of Authority and secure email service Unipass Mailock, are pivotal in modernising these processes.

Paul: As CEO, what's your personal journey and experience in leading Origo?

Anthony: My background is in banking, having worked with major Scottish banks and later in the lending and equity release sectors.

Joining Origo was a natural transition, driven by my passion for digital innovation in financial services. It's been fulfilling to lead Origo through significant industry changes, particularly in the digital space.

Paul: Looking ahead, how do you foresee the evolution of digital services in financial services over the next five years?

Anthony: The next few years will likely see an increased demand for digital solutions, driven by consumer expectations for efficiency and data security. Regulatory frameworks like the Consumer Duty will catalyse this shift, compelling the industry to adopt more streamlined and secure digital processes.

Paul: Finally, reflecting on your career, what advice would you offer to your younger self?

Anthony: I'd advise focusing on understanding and managing stress better. Learning about mindfulness and the brain's functioning earlier would have greatly benefited both my personal and professional life, allowing for a calmer, more resilient approach to challenges.


Originally posted on 06 04 23
Last updated on February 29, 2024

Posted by: Paul Holland

CEO and Founder of Beyond Encryption, Paul is an expert on digital identity, fintech, cyber security, and business. As a key driver behind the development of Webline, one of the UK’s most well-known comparison engines, Paul has vast experience in developing digital technologies and bringing them to market. Through Beyond Encryption’s Mailock, nigel and AssureScore solutions, he aims to make a positive impact by helping regulated businesses engage with customers while keeping their data secure.

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