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Mindset To Change: Digitising An Analogue World, With Dave Newick

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For episode 5 of A Sense of Identity, we caught up with CEO & Founder Dave Newick to discuss his journey as a business leader and how Arken is transforming document production in the professional services.

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Dave Newick is CEO at Arken.legal, a company that helps estate planning professionals meet challenges with digital solutions. He's an experienced leader of SaaS and tech services businesses, with a track record of developing strategies and driving transformation and growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the transformation of traditional legal processes into efficient digital systems, highlighting the importance of technology in modern legal practices.
  • Gain an understanding of the significant wealth transfer occurring due to the aging baby boomer population and its impact on both legal and financial sectors.
  • Discover how the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of technology in the legal sector, driven by the demand for remote working solutions and efficiency.

Interview Summary

Paul: Welcome, David Newick, CEO of Arken Legal, to our podcast 'Sense of Identity'.

Dave: Thanks, Paul. Great to be here.

Paul: Can you share your journey from New Zealand to the UK and your role at Arken Legal?

Dave: Sure. I moved from New Zealand to the UK for professional opportunities, bringing my family history from Wales, Cornwall, and Scotland. After buying and selling businesses in New Zealand, I sought larger markets and eventually joined Arken Legal, tasked with transforming and leading the business.

Paul: What does Arken Legal specialise in, and what's its impact on the legal and financial services sector?

Dave: Arken Legal helps legal professionals automate documentation and improve efficiency. Founded in 1992, it's one of the first legal tech companies in the UK. We provide online packages for wills, LPAs, estate planning, and trust documentation. Our goal is to bridge the gap between legal and financial services, helping professionals manage the increasing demands, especially with the significant wealth transfer occurring due to aging baby boomers.

Paul: How has the COVID pandemic influenced the adoption of technology in the legal sector?

Dave: COVID has accelerated technology adoption. Law firms are now embracing digital tools, driven by younger professionals demanding efficient technology and the need for remote working solutions. This shift is vital for handling the increase in probate work and for overall industry efficiency.

Paul: Tell us about your personal projects, like writing a book of life lessons for your children.

Dave: During COVID, I wrote 'Things to Tell My Children', a book with 105 life lessons, covering a wide range of topics from success strategies to mental health. It was a reflective exercise, born out of a personal health scare, and a way to connect with my children.

Paul: What are your thoughts on the role of sports, like football, in community building and personal development?

Dave: I've been deeply involved in football, both in New Zealand and the UK. Sports like football have a powerful impact on communities, offering inspirational pathways and bringing people together. It's not just about the game but about teaching life lessons and shaping better individuals.

Paul: Finally, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Dave: I would say, don't limit your ambition. Believe that anything is possible with positivity, energy, and belief in oneself.

Paul: Thank you, David, for sharing your insights with us.

Dave: Thank you, Paul. It's been a pleasure.

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