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Man securing emails using desktop computer
101 Guide
6 Min

What Is Email Authentication?

Email authentication verifies the identity of an email sender or recipient. It checks that the person you're corresponding with...

man explaining secure email to colleague
101 Guide
9 Min

What Is Secure Email? Guide To Email Encryption And Authentication

Secure email solutions use email encryption and authentication to protect email messages from interception and manipulation....

Man stressed about sending email to the wrong person
101 Guide
6 Min

What Is Email Encryption? Definition, Best Practices & Statistics

Email encryption is the encrypting or disguising of email content to protect it from being...

Man using Microsoft Outlook email encryption
101 Guide
4 Min

Does Microsoft Outlook Use Email Encryption?

Microsoft Outlook provides a basic level of email encryption, but is it sufficient for businesses...

Woman working on laptop next to colleagues looking worried
101 Guide
11 Min

Complete Guide To Enterprise Outbound Email Security

A comprehensive enterprise guide to outbound email security including email recipient...

Man at office desk recalling an email in outlook successfully
101 Guide
5 Min

How To Recall An Email In Outlook

Sending an Outlook email in error is too easy. In these situations, you may be...