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Sabrina McClune

Male professional after email account takeover
4 Min

Account Takeover Attacks: How To Lock Down Your Email Inbox

Learn how to protect your email account from takeover and the associated risks. Don't let your sensitive information fall into...

Woman smiling and using tablet at night in office
6 Min

Proofpoint Email Encryption vs Mailock: Review & Comparison

Need a Proofpoint alternative? We compare Proofpoint email encryption and Mailock, highlighting their features, user...

Colleagues looking at digital identity solution on laptop
5 Min

What is Digital Identity? Definition, Concerns, And Best Practices

Learn what digital identity is and how to protect it in the digital age. Discover the key...

Financial services professional securing email on laptop
7 Min

Mimecast vs. Mailock: Secure Email Solutions Compared

Need a Mimecast alternative? We compare Mimecast and Mailock secure email for their email...

ICO researcher analysing data on computer in office
5 Min

Data Security: An Analysis of 2022 ICO Breach Reporting

The 2022 findings on data security incidents from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) -...

Famous fraud cases of the century
12 Min

12 Famous Fraud Cases Of The Century That You Won’t Believe

Discover the most famous fraud cases of the century. From selling the Eiffel...

8 Min

The Best Secure Email Services To Protect Your Business Data

What's the best secure email? Compare the features of Mailock, Microsoft...

Colleagues reviewing zivver secure email software
13 Min

Zivver vs Mailock: Secure Email Solutions Compared

We compare two popular choices of secure email software, Zivver and Mailock.