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Sam Kendall

Consumer using her laptop and card and smiling
2 Min

Consumer Email Security Statistics

Discover the latest consumer email security statistics in the UK and learn about the disconnect between perceived and actual...

Matthew Leopold interview Beyond Encryption Lexisnexis
2 Min

Marketing Around Risk: How Do We Communicate Risk To Customers?

Watch our interview with Matthew from LexisNexis as he explores the critical role of risk communication in marketing for...

CEO Paul Holland interview on account fatigue
3 Min

Password Fatigue? Account Fatigue May Be A Deeper Problem

Discover the challenges of password and account fatigue in managing online accounts and portals....

CEO Interview Email Recall Paul Holland
4 Min

Interview: The State of Email Recall, With Paul Holland

Learn about the common risks and consequences of sending emails in error, as well as the importance...

CEO Interview Email Old Not Obsolete Paul Holland
5 Min

Email: Old But Not Obsolete (Interview With CEO Paul Holland)

Gain valuable insights into the role of email in our lives and its continued relevance amidst the...

CEO Interview Risk Tech Regulation Paul Holland
12 Min

CEO Interview: Risk, Tech, Regulation, And Education

CEO Paul Holland offers valuable insights on remote communication, the evolving...

Man Editing Email Attachment Before Hitting Send.png
3 Min

Verify Before You Hit 'Send': A Guide To Safer Email Communications

Learn how to ensure the security of your email communications with these...

CEO Interview Outbound Email Security Paul Holland
10 Min

Outbound Email Security: Is It Becoming The Norm?

I turned the mic on CEO Paul this week to ask where outbound email security is...