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Proofpoint Email Encryption vs Mailock: Review & Comparison

In an era where data breaches and cyber threats are increasingly common, secure email solutions have become a necessity for businesses of all sizes. In this review, we delve into the details of two popular secure email solutions: Proofpoint email encryption and Mailock.

We'll examine their features, benefits, user experience, integrations, customer support, and pricing to provide a comprehensive comparison.

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At A Glance:

  Proofpoint Mailock
Encryption AES-256 AES-256
Recipient Authentication No SMS, Q&A, Email Authentication, Unipass ID
Encrypted Attachments Yes Yes
Message Revoke Administrator-initiated Administrator-initiated and user-initiated
Audit Trails Yes (15-day message storage) Yes (365-day+ message storage)
Encryption Triggers Predefined terms, button in email client Predefined terms, button in email client, user alerts or ‘trigger words’
Recipient Experience Requires account to read and reply Read-without-registration , requires account to reply, 5 free sends per month
Integrations Outlook, Gmail Outlook, Unipass ID
Customer Support Online support, knowledgebase 1-to-1 live demo, 14-day free trial, UK-based support , knowledgebase
Pricing Contact for UK pricing Free account available, paid licences starting from £9.30 per user monthly (volume-based pricing also available)

What Is Proofpoint Email Encryption?

proofpoint email encryption homepage

Proofpoint, a cybersecurity company, provides an email encryption solution designed to secure outbound emails. Their email encryption solution is part of a broader suite of security products aimed at protecting sensitive data across various channels.

Outbound Email Security

Proofpoint offers an AES-256 email encryption solution that operates on the principle of policy-based encryption. This means that the system automatically applies encryption to emails in accordance with an organisation's pre-established policies.

These policies are enforced through the use of built-in term dictionaries. If an email contains a term associated with sensitive information, as defined in these dictionaries, the encryption process is triggered, ensuring the email’s secure transmission.

Proofpoint also offers an administrator-controlled revoke function that blocks access to messages in the case of an email misfire or other email data breach. However, messages are only stored for 15 days, a limitation on any auditing necessary for compliance.

The solution does not provide senders with recipient authentication capabilities, leaving messages vulnerable to anyone who gains access to a receiving inbox . Regulated businesses who require a solution that retains ‘proof-of-delivery to the right person’ may find the lack of authentication capabilities does not meet their data protection policies.

User Experience And Integrations

Proofpoint's email encryption is designed to be user-friendly for senders. It integrates with popular email clients, including Outlook and Gmail, allowing users to send encrypted emails from their preferred provider.

Recipients, however, are required to create a Proofpoint account  to access any secure emails, after which they can use their email and password to log in and retrieve any subsequent messages they are sent. This, of course, also means that anyone who gains knowledge of a recipient’s password can access their received messages.

While recipients can reply to senders using the Proofpoint portal, they cannot send secure information to other contacts without a paid plan, limiting the scope of secure communications to a single thread.

Customer Support And Pricing

Proofpoint offers online support and a knowledge base to help users navigate any issues they may encounter. However, for pricing information, interested parties in the UK must contact the company directly, as they do not provide pricing details on their website.

What Is Mailock?

Mailock secure email homepage-1

Developed by Beyond Encryption, Mailock is a secure communication solution designed to safeguard outbound email communications. It offers a range of features designed to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Outbound Email Security

Mailock uses end-to-end AES-256 encryption , an encryption standard used by the NSA (National Security Agency) for classified information. This level of encryption ensures that emails are secure both in transit and at rest (until they are decrypted).

In addition to robust encryption, Mailock offers various recipient authentication methods. These include SMS, Q&A, email authentication, and Unipass ID authentication.

These authentication methods add an extra layer of security, ensuring that only the intended recipient can access any sensitive information. In turn, they ensure:

  • compliance with ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) guidance.
  • protection in the case of:
    • misfired email incidents;
    • recipient inbox compromise.

Mailock provides administrators with tools to define keywords that, when included in an email, can either automatically trigger the encryption process or surface an option for the user to send it securely. This flexible approach allows for a balance between user-defined and administrator-enforced encryption policies.

The solution also retains a full audit trail, allowing users to track sent emails, email opens, previously set identity authentication processes, and email revoke calls. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations as messages are stored for at least 365 days.

Mailock provides administrator-initiated and user-initiated revoke functions for sent messages so sensitive data can be locked down easily and immediately.

User Experience And Integrations

With a strong focus on usability, Mailock ensures users of all IT proficiency levels can seamlessly integrate the software with existing email systems.

It integrates with Microsoft Outlook and also offers an integration with Unipass ID, making it a popular choice for financial services professionals. As Mailock recipients do not have to create an account to read secure emails, it is well-suited to client communications.

Mailock users can easily reply to secure emails they are sent and send 5 free secure emails to other contacts. This process leverages the same AES-256 security as is available to protect emails delivered on behalf of paid users.

Customer Support And Pricing

Prospective users can book a 1-to-1 live Mailock demo or start a 14-day free trial, allowing them to evaluate the product before committing. It also comes with UK-based support, ensuring that users can quickly get help when they need it.

There is also a free Mailock account (with limited sends), and paid licences start from £9.30 per user, billed monthly (volume-based pricing is also available). This transparent pricing structure makes it easy for businesses to assess the value of the solution.

Proofpoint vs. Mailock: The Verdict

When it comes to secure email solutions, both Proofpoint and Mailock offer robust features. However, there are key differences that businesses should consider.

Proofpoint's simple policy-based encryption and integration with popular email clients make it a solution that addresses basic outbound security vulnerabilities. The control it offers over encrypted messages and policies allows for some degree of customisation.

On the other hand, Mailock stands out  with its ability to authenticate your recipients, adding an extra layer of security that ensures compliance with UK regulation. The control it offers for senders and administrators to initiate the encryption process and revoke messages makes it a strong choice for daily business use. Its focus on usability, transparent pricing, and UK-based support further enhances its value proposition.

The provision of a full audit trail that stores messages for at least 365 days is a feature that will make Mailock particularly useful to businesses that need to demonstrate compliance with data protection guidance. Mailock also allows secure replies and free sends for recipients, enabling them to forward sensitive information to other parties safely.


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Last updated on December 21, 2023

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