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BEware - Newsletter - October 2020

The Growing Pandemic of Cyber-Crime

During the current Covid-19 pandemic it has become clear that there has been no let-up in the frequency of Cyber-attacks and associated security breaches.

Evidence from the UK government ( indicates that in the last year:

• 46% of businesses and 26% of charities or charitable organisations report a breach or cyber-attack.

• The...

20 November 2020

Blog EU Privacy Shield Snippet

EU-US Privacy Shield

In mid-July with so much of the news coverage focussed on various aspects of Covid-19 and also perhaps more importantly for some, pubs and restaurants were re-opening, an important landmark ruling took place in the European Court of Justice (ECJ). In a case brought by Max Schrems the court ruled that the EU-US Privacy Shield was no longer valid. The privacy shield allowed companies to sign up to...

14 October 2020

Aegon PR Image 1

Aegon Launch

We are delighted that Aegon are leading the provider field in adoption of the Unipass Mailock initiative to secure their intermediary and consumer communications.

The escalating cyber risks associated with homeworking have prompted thousands of intermediaries to take Mailock onboard and the integration with Unipass, used by 8 out of 10 UK intermediaries, can streamline implementation.


12 August 2020

People Talking

Money Marketing Article - Ian McKenna : Any businesses not meeting the needs of smarter-working practices risk being dumped by advisers

Any businesses not meeting the needs of smarter-working practices risk being dumped by advisers

Although the rate of adaption to change by businesses has been positive, simply changing the processes necessary to keep new business flows in place is not enough. E-signatures, cybersecurity and the letter of authority process are all in need of further upheaval.

The overwhelming...

12 June 2020


Pru warns IFAs over email scammers asking for payments

New Model Adviser article .... Pru warns IFAs over email scammers asking for payments

IFAs have been warned about scammers pretending to be from Prudential UK, asking for payment details.

In a message to advisers, seen by New Model Adviser®, Prudential said it has been alerted to a number of emails which ‘at first glance look like they’ve come from a Prudential email account’...

14 April 2020


Ian McKenna: The provider/adviser tussle over cyber security

Advisers need to up their game on data security – providers should not obstruct them from doing so says F&TRC director Ian McKenna

Around half of the FCA’s 2019/20 business plan is focused on technology, with a particular focus on cyber security. This must make it inevitable that we will see new regulatory requirements soon.

Inevitably there will be a review of previous guidance...

25 March 2020