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MP Suella Braverman Praises Beyond Encryption for Fighting Cybercrime

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Fareham MP, Suella Braverman, has been praising the essential role that Hampshire-based, cyber security company Beyond Encryption is playing in keeping businesses safe from hackers.

In a visit to the company’s headquarters in Gloster Court, Segensworth, Mrs Braverman met CEO Paul Holland to discuss the threats facing organisations in both the private and public sectors as cyber criminals become more sophisticated.

Paul Holland explained that Beyond Encryption’s email security service, Mailock, seeks to eradicate the theft of vital information currently exchanged using normal email, including everything from sensitive monetary transactions to medical data.

Paul commented that Beyond Encryption’s Mailock system can easily be added to existing email platforms, meaning no extensive training for staff or IT downtime. He also highlighted that a significant proportion of business communication with clients was via email. He continues: “Some 280 billion are sent and received every day but sending an email without a system like Mailock is like sending bank or medical information on a postcard in the traditional post.”

“For example, when an invoice is sent via normal email it is susceptible to being intercepted by cyber criminals who have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to substitute their own bank account details and pocket the money. The sender of the invoice often has no idea that they’ve paid the money into the wrong account until they are chased for payment by the intended recipient.”

He finishes: “Through Mailock, the email is encrypted so hackers can’t crack it open, and the recipient’s identity can also be verified by the sender as a belt and braces approach.”

Suella Braverman said: “I was fascinated to learn about the work carried out by Beyond Encryption. It has never been more vital as threats to both businesses and indeed our national security are never far from the headlines. I’m particularly proud that a business in my constituency is leading the world and providing much needed local employment in this hugely important sector.”

She added: “I’m also delighted that Paul has agreed to join Solent Business Forum which I set up a couple of years ago to give businesses in my constituency a voice both regionally and nationally.”

Paul Holland had a final word of warning to businesses who might not take the cyber threat seriously: “Most people assume that if their email provider is a big, well-known name that their emails are protected. That’s certainly not always the case. Cyber criminals can read information and attachments sent via email, just like someone in a sorting office could read your postcard. The risks with this are colossal. Often hackers intercept invoices sent via email and change the bank details to their own to steal the money.”

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