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7 Min

Is Password-Protecting A Document Secure?

Learn why password protection may not be the most secure method for safeguarding sensitive documents, and what options you...

customer using customer portal online
9 Min

Digital Convenience: Why Customers Prefer Email To Post And Portals

Email continues to be the preferred method of communication for customers, offering efficiency, ease of use, security (when...

IT manager testing outbound email security using laptop
14 Min

What is Outbound Email Security? A Complete Guide

Explore the essentials of outbound email security in this guide. Learn the risks, best practices,...

man using digital id on smartphone
7 Min

8 Countries With The Most Innovative Digital ID Systems

From Estonia's pioneering e-Residency to India's expansive Aadhaar program, discover how nations...

Male professional after email account takeover
6 Min

Account Takeover Attacks: How To Lock Down Your Email Inbox

Learn how to protect your email account from takeover and the associated risks. Don't let your...

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5 Min

Proofpoint Email Encryption vs Mailock: Review & Comparison

Need a Proofpoint alternative? We compare Proofpoint email encryption and...

Colleagues looking at digital identity solution on laptop
6 Min

What is Digital Identity? Definition, Concerns, And Best Practices

Learn what digital identity is and how to protect it in the digital age....

Financial services professional securing email on laptop
11 Min

Mimecast vs. Mailock: Secure Email Solutions Compared

Need a Mimecast alternative? We compare Mimecast and Mailock secure email for...