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Financial services professional securing email on laptop
11 Min

Mimecast vs. Mailock: Secure Email Solutions Compared

Need a Mimecast alternative? We compare Mimecast and Mailock secure email for their email encryption, user interface, customer...

ICO researcher analysing data on computer in office
6 Min

Data Security: An Analysis of 2022 ICO Breach Reporting

The 2022 findings on data security incidents from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) - common incident types, data...

Famous fraud cases of the century
11 Min

12 Famous Fraud Cases Of The Century That You Won’t Believe

Discover the most famous fraud cases of the century. From selling the Eiffel Tower to faking art...

Professional man with glasses in office thinking about email.png
6 Min

The Best Secure Email Services To Protect Your Business Data

What's the best secure email? Compare the features of Mailock, Microsoft Purview Message...

Colleagues reviewing zivver secure email software
12 Min

Zivver vs Mailock: Secure Email Solutions Compared

We compare two popular choices of secure email software, Zivver and Mailock.

Man Editing Email Attachment Before Hitting Send.png
3 Min

Verify Before You Hit 'Send': A Guide To Safer Email Communications

Learn how to ensure the security of your email communications with these...

Compliance team in office meeting
4 Min

Protecting Customer Data: Is Your DSAR Process Compliant?

Are your processes compliant when it comes to DSAR requests? Learn how to...

people first tech customer service
5 Min

Placing People At The Heart Of Technology Customer Service

Companies need more than just forward-thinking products to thrive in today's...