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Paul Holland

Founder & CEO of Beyond Encryption

Practicality equals performance

The difference between a bright idea and a great solution is often practicality: Does a concept that works in theory translate into 'real life' performance?

A great example is our partner Origo's Unipass Mailock service, which has successfully transitioned from a problem of communication within the Financial Services sector, into a solution encompassing daily risk reduction and improved convenience for thousands of advisers, as well as providers.

Today, we rightly define performance as not just the ability to meet a particular need or solve a specific problem, but also in the context of sustainable business behaviour - How will a solution's adoption and use impact our environmental, social and governance (ESG) aims and obligations?

It is precisely a focus on sustainable performance that sits at the heart of the Mailock secure email solution. Whilst clearly security is paramount, we have also ensured that the system is easy to install and simple to use.

Mailock empowers all users; from corporate businesses to end consumers like you and I, to form and join secure communities; enhancing engagement and operational efficiency while significantly reducing costs and carbon footprints.

BBC Reports New Year Boom in Online Tax Scams

2021 has already seen a huge increase in fraudulent online activity relating to tax returns, as reported by BBC News online.

The February 24th article reports that - according to HMRC's own figures - phone scams tripled compared with December last year as criminals attempted to profit from the self-assessment filing deadline at the end of January, by flooding people with fake texts, emails and calls.

They posed as HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) officials and attempted to steal personal financial details. To read the full BBC online article, click here

Goonhilly Earth Station, the UK's globally recognised leader in deep space communications has recently formed a partnership with Beyond Encryption to deploy its Mailock secure email solution across its network.

Cornwall-based Goonhilly Earth Station uses a deep space antenna with associated network and mission operation centre facilities and is working on replicating these globally in collaboration with its global partners. It aims to become the world's first private global deep space communications network, supplementing the capacity offered by NASA and its European equivalent, ESA.

The partnership with Beyond Encryption reflects Goonhilly's commitment to data security and comprehensive communication security, as stated by Alex Tweed, IT Systems Manager, Goonhilly Earth Station, "In order to implement the best possible data protection practices for our own business and our global partners, it is vital we utilise the highest standard of encryption, and identity verification, to protect our

partners against intervention, interception and cybercrime. Beyond Encryption's Mailock met our standards and requirements, and we look forward to working closely with them in the future."

Paul Holland, Chief Executive, Beyond Encryption, is also looking forward to supporting Goonhilly's industry-leading activities: "Goonhilly provides world-beating connectivity, operational solutions and data services. Interestingly, Goonhilly's datacentre services, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities are particularly relevant in the Financial Services sector and for the companies we work with."

"With Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues becoming increasingly significant, we are also looking forward to understanding their Earth Observation (EO) work to help us, and the businesses we work with. For Mailock to be selected as their chosen digital security solution is a tremendous endorsement for the company."

Single Minded

The positive contribution made by Origo over the past 30 years, in leveraging beneficial technology across the Financial Services Industry, simply cannot be overstated.

Jointly owned by some of the UK’s largest Financial Services groups, Edinburgh-based Origo has a clear focus on improving FinTech. efficiency throughout the sector.

Of the broad range of digital services provide by Origo, perhaps the best known is its Unipass Identity service, now used by 8 in 10 advisers across the industry - Unipass Identity saves valuable time for around 45,000 users across 8,000 adviser and provider firms; providing them with a single means of identification to log in to financial websites easily and securely.

Building on the success of Unipass Identity, Origo has also developed a partnership with Beyond Encryption to provide industry-leading secure email services to its Unipass Identity holders, in the form of Unipass Mailock.

After 30 years of significant contribution to the Financial Services Industry, Origo continues to improve the sector by bringing technological innovation to life.

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Huw's News

As recently highlighted in the Mail on Sunday, Experian is being sued in a landmark High Court case that could lead to almost every adult in England and Wales sharing in an estimated £34 billion in damages.

Leading data specialist Experian, which holds information on circa 46 million individuals, is accused of mis-selling personal data and creating potentially inaccurate profiles that may then directly affect credit decisions.

According to the Mail on Sunday article first published on 27th February, lawyers acting for a representative claimant have filed a writ at the High Court in a case that threatens to cripple the credit company. The claim is for £750 in damages. It accuses Experian of collecting data on people from a raft of sources, which include online questionnaires and website-tracking cookies, and selling it on for commercial gain, without their consent.

The claim follows an Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) enforcement notice last October that found Experian was selling people’s data on to third parties, including political parties, without their consent, with a potential fine of £20 Million. Experian has launched an appeal.

To read more by accessing the full Mail Online article, please click here

Top Tips

The Mailock secure email system has security at its core, but here are just a few of the wider performance benefits it brings to users:

• Simple to Install & Easy to use

• ID verification ahead of permitting content access

• Empowers agile and responsive customer engagement

• Significantly reduces carbon footprint v. print & post

• Drives tangible cost and efficiency savings

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