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Paul podcast recording with Simon Pringle
29 Min

Reassessing The ESG Hierarchy With Simon Pringle (Podcast)

I chatted with Professor Simon Pringle about the changing hierarchy of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) priorities...

IT compliance officer reviewing email security in office
9 Min

Secure Email Best Practices

Email has become an essential communications tool. We break down the best practices you should be following, and the tools you...

woman using secure email gateway to secure emails in office
101 Guide
11 Min

What Is A Secure Email Gateway (SEG)?

Learn how secure email gateways (SEGs) protect inbound and outbound emails, the key features, and...

podcast with anthony rafferty and paul holland
22 Min

Setting The Standard For Ubiquitous Connectivity With Anthony Rafferty

I caught up with Anthony Rafferty from Origo to discuss how digital technology is changing the...

Man securing emails using desktop computer
101 Guide
9 Min

What Is Email Authentication?

Email authentication verifies the identity of an email sender or recipient. It checks that the...

UK Consumer Using Computer In Home Office
14 Min

Are UK Consumers Not Taking Email Security Seriously? (2023 Research)

This 2023 report analyses UK consumer email security awareness and practices....

Dave Newick on podcast With Paul Holland for Beyond Encryption
25 Min

Mindset To Change: Digitising An Analogue World (With Dave Newick)

I caught up with Dave Newick from Arken to discuss his entrepreneurial journey...

Fireside chat with Huw Thomas, Paul Holland, and Carole Howard
15 Min

Who Is Coming To Us For Secure Email And Why? (Video)

I sat down with Huw, our Quality and Compliance Manager, and Carole, Head of...