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What is Mailock®?

Mailock by Beyond Encryption is a secure email solution that allows businesses to exchange email securely, safe in the knowledge that their important email can only be read by their intended recipient.


Secure your emails using Microsoft Outlook with our Mailock add-in* or a compatible web browser. Simply:

  • Compose your email normally (we will remind you if we think you should secure it) or compose a new secure email and simply click send.
  • Set a security challenge, let us generate one for you, or send a 'passcode' by SMS.
  • Send your email.

The email will now be securely sent by the Mailock® system, protecting it from malicious intent or accidental error.

  • If you have made a mistake or misaddressed your email, simply revoke the message from your Outlook 'sent' box.
  • You will be notified when your recipient has opened and read your message.

Your client can simply read your message and securely reply** for free to your original email with minimal effort or disruption. This ensures that you have protected your email and recipient, client or customer, from malicious attacks and data loss.

* Requires a registered free or paid Beyond Encryption account
** Registration required

We call this Digital Recorded Delivery®

Mailock for your Business…

Respect and value your customers' identity when communicating with them using email by properly securing your communications using Mailock®.

  • Easily integrates with your existing infrastructure and workflow.
  • Complements your current communication methods and helps resolve poor customer engagement with portals, secure websites and lost passwords etc.
  • Using secured email to communicate with your customers will improve your customer engagement and experience.
  • Generate savings over traditional post and courier methods, benefiting your ecological responsibility and compliance.
  • Protect your brand and reputation from immeasurable damage resulting from communicating personally sensitive information in open email.
  • Mitigate the risk of increasingly severe penalties for breaching data regulations such as GDPR and MIFID II

Empowering Your Sender

Secure your email based on your recipient's identity
Know your recipient has opened your email & attachments
Revoke access to the sent email in the event of a sending error, misaddressed recipient or your client's failure to meet the security challenge

Respecting Your Recipient

Recipient's communication is safely delivered to them and only them
Easy read option without any need to register via the web
They can download and save the message to their browser.They can easily reply to yourmessage securely and safely*

Mailock Features

Mailock provides the following features:

  • Works with PC, Apple Mac, iOS or Android devices or most web browsing devices.
  • Microsoft Exchange 2011+, IMAP or POP3 email account compatible and therefore compatible with Gmail, Apple Mail, Hotmail and most webmail services.
  • Use your own email address(es), domains, Exchange Servers and branding.
  • Fully scaleable technology with redundancy provisions using secure Microsoft Azure cloud services to deploy industry leading secure messaging solutions.

Mailock for Desktop Users

For smaller businesses or individual business users who simply want to use Mailock on their desktop or mobile device it is easy to sign up and useMailock instantly securing your important communications.

Mailock by Beyond Encryption® allows you to secure your email message quickly and easily, whilst proving the identity of your recipient. With optional levels of security, you can control the level of authentication that your recipient must meet in order to read your message. Importantly your email recipient can easily read and reply to your message for free**.

Our Business Premium subscription will provide secure email from your Microsoft Outlook or Web browser. With our fully responsive website you can also use Mailock® from your mobile iOS/Android device through a compatible mobile web browser.

Solutions are available for individual users or companies. For company users we offer a fully featured administration suite allowing you to:-

  • Administer and invite your users.
  • Add your own branding to your outbound emails.
  • Set your own library of words to remind your users that they should secure their messages.
  • Manage shared mailboxes.

Register for a 14 day Trial here: