How Mailock Secures Sensitive Emails At Genius Wealth Management
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How Mailock Secures Sensitive Emails At Genius Wealth Management

Did you know that 70 percent of financial firms in the UK experienced cyberattacks in 2020? This was largely a result of challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit.

Needless to say, cybersecurity should be front of mind for all businesses. In this case study, we’ll be highlighting how Genius Wealth Management recognised this growing threat and increased its email security.

Introducing Genius Wealth Management

Genius Wealth Management is an independent financial planning, wealth management, and advisory services business with a team of highly qualified professionals.

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Their goal is to help grow and protect their client’s wealth by providing holistic financial advice that corresponds with their client’s needs and wants. They provide a lasting relationship encompassing trust and financial life management, not one built solely on numbers.

The business is regulated and fully authorised by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under firm number 813554.

The Technology Challenge They Faced

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meeting clients in person was no longer an option for Genius Wealth Management.

This meant the firm needed a secure digital option to exchange sensitive documents and reports with their clients.

Finding a solution that provided complete protection and complied with the GDPR and the FCA was a high priority.

They tried Microsoft OneNote as a portal to share documents, but found that some clients struggled with the software. This made finding a way to use email securely the next logical step.

So, Genius Wealth Management then tested an email security solution. However, this didn’t deliver on expectations. It was ‘cumbersome’ for members of staff, as well as clients, and lacked the usability and functionality they wanted.

This poor experience led them to look for a more effective tool.

Introducing: Mailock by Beyond Encryption.

How Mailock Levelled Up Their Email Security

Mailock empowered Genius Wealth Management to send emails easily, and with complete confidence.

"I gave it to one of our less technical members of staff. They worked with it well, gave it good feedback, and found it easy to use. That was a big winner for me."

— Tony Cartwright, Operations Supervisor

More specifically, they unearthed the following benefits:

Value for money: Mailock offered Genius Wealth Management the security they needed, all without costing them a fortune. After benefitting from a free trial, they now only pay £8.50 per user/per month

Practical features: The team at Genius Wealth Management value the notifications they receive when a recipient opens an email. This allows them to accelerate productivity and workflows. Once they know a customer has opened an email, they can follow up to see if they have any questions.

Ease of use: Even staff and clients with low levels of IT expertise can get to grips with Mailock’s simple and secure interface quickly (without having to ask for technical support).

Strong support: To help Genius get the most out of Mailock, our team provided ongoing close customer service. This included working to add branding to emails (which helped customers know that sensitive emails were definitely from Genius). There was also technical support to ensure tricky back-office systems aligned with Outlook and Mailock so everything worked in harmony.

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Total security: Having dug deep on the specs of Mailock, they could see that the layers of protection were at a very high level. They now use Beyond Encryption to secure service agreements, letters of authority, valuation reports, as well as other sensitive documents.

Genius Email Security With Mailock

From usability to a compelling price point, Genius was clearly won over by the Mailock solution.

"We work in financial services, so it had to have a return on investment for us. And, we’ve absolutely been able to show that with Beyond Encryption."

— Tony Cartwright, Operations Supervisor

So, if the story of how we helped them strikes a chord with you, why not reach out for a chat to find out if Mailock could work for your company too? We’d love to hear from you.

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