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Mailock's Automated Encryption licence extends the capabilities of Mailock Enterprise by automating the encryption of batched messages. This makes it ideal for sending regular communications such as statements or documents to large numbers of customers securely.

Encryption Triggers: Add X-headers to your outbound messages and rules to your mail flow logic to route sensitive emails through the encryption process.

Secure and Compliant Storage: All encrypted content is securely stored as BLOB (Binary Large OBject) files in Microsoft’s Azure data centres within the EU. Alternative self-hosted storage options are available to meet specific information security and compliance requirements.

Extended Storage Period: Encrypted messages are accessible within the live system for 365 days and archived for six years, with the flexibility to adjust this period to align with your security and compliance needs during implementation.

Cloud-Based or Self-Hosted: Choose between using our fully managed cloud-based hosting service for the encryption gateway or hosting and managing the appliance within your own infrastructure for greater control.

Branding Customisation: Upload your business logo to the admin portal, enhancing Mailock notification emails and the recipient reading experience with your company branding. This reinforces the security commitment to your customers.

Microsoft 365 Integration: Easily integrate Mailock Gateway appliances into your Microsoft 365 email workflow, ensuring that your enterprise email system works seamlessly with Mailock’s encryption technology.

Analytics Through Webhooks: Benefit from a range of webhooks that provide valuable analytics on message status, including opens, downloads, and revoke requests, helping you track and optimise your communication strategies.

Mailock’s automated encryption is a powerful solution for organisations looking to enhance the security of their mass communications while maintaining efficiency and compliance. This feature ensures that your sensitive information is protected, managed, and delivered with the highest standards of security.

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