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Brearley Law Puts The Protection Of Client Data First With Mailock

According to the most recent ICO statistics, the legal industry is responsible for 8% of total data incidents reported in the past year.

When considering 21 industries were recorded in total within the report, it is clear that law firms need to start re-evaluating their cybersecurity. 

One firm that has successfully increased the security of their digital communications is Brearley Law. Let's take a look at how they did it.

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Who Are They?

Brearley Law is an established law firm based in Yorkshire, composed of a dedicated 3-man team of solicitors who provide legal services in conveyancing, litigation, costs work and wills and probate. 

With 45 collective years of legal experience, Brearley Law aims to deliver a personalised experience to their clients, ensuring their services are both efficient and stress-free.

An Eye-catching Price Tag

As the dust settled after the introduction of GDPR to businesses, Brearley Law noticed the fast-paced cybersecurity transformation taking hold of businesses across the UK, intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

They realised the importance of what they saw other companies undertaking, and they too wanted to protect data and ensure compliance by offering their clients a secure email solution.

This led them to Mailock, a very economical solution compared to other pricier alternatives that they had considered, which played a large part in why they chose to sign up in October 2019.

"The cheap and effective use of encrypted emails was something we had to take on board."
— Peter Brearley, Consultant Solicitor

Security-conscious Clients

From the start, Brearley Law has appreciated the level of security that Mailock brings to their communications.

They now habitually use Mailock to securely send sensitive documents such as bank details and statements to their clients or colleagues.

Peter explains that by using Mailock to transmit confidential data to his clients, they know to rely on and trust the information they’ve received, alleviating any fears.

"Many clients use it because they don’t want to send bank statements and other confidential information by any other means. I will email them using Mailock and invite them to register for free, so that they can, at no cost to themselves, send me those sensitive documents."
— Peter Brearley, Consultant Solicitor

A Lasting Impression

Now that Mailock has been fully integrated into their business, Brearley Law has highlighted the reasons behind their long-running subscription to the software:

  • Ease of use- Brearley Law reports that Mailock is very easy to use, especially for those more unfamiliar with technology.
  • Integrations- Mailock works seamlessly with Brearley Law’s back office and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Client uptake- Peter reveals that there have never been any complaints from clients, stating that communications sent by Mailock are opened immediately and without difficulty.
  • Customer Support- Through the rare moments that Brearley Law has needed to approach customer service, they have swiftly dealt with any issues.

"Mailock is economical, efficient and totally free of any stress or difficulties. I have not encountered any problems using it and it works well with clients."
— Peter Brearley, Consultant Solicitor

Get Protected With Mailock

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