Securing client communications at Stonebridge Financial
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Securing Client Communications At Stonebridge Financial

With 33 percent of UK businesses losing customers due to data breaches, it’s never been more important to invest in watertight security.

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The sooner you can protect your sensitive data and honour your customers’ privacy, the better. Not only for your business’s reputation, but for your clients’ safety too. This was certainly a priority for one of our clients, Stonebridge Financial.

Who Are They?

Stonebridge Financial is a small, three-person firm situated in Chester.

Andy Davies, the current owner, bought the business in 2018 after a successful career at a large insurance company.

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Coming from a corporate past, Andy was already clued-up on the importance of email security. But, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the need for an immediate encryption solution increased significantly.

Securing Communications During COVID-19 And Beyond

Much like face masks and hand sanitiser, digital communications soon became a necessity.

But, unlike in-person meetings, Andy and his team couldn’t simply shut a door and achieve full privacy. To ensure the security of their clients’ confidential documents, they required an email encryption tool that could:

  • Give their clients peace of mind
  • Keep them compliant with data regulations
  • Work alongside their toolset
  • Send sensitive documents reliably

"When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, we weren’t able to see clients in person. That meant we had to deal with people by email as a default."

— Andy Davies, Financial Adviser

Fortunately, a solution wasn’t far off. In 2020, a friend introduced Andy to Mailock by Beyond Encryption. Upon seeing how the tool worked, he signed up on the spot. Now, the Stonebridge Financial team use Mailock whenever they need to send anything of a sensitive nature, such as fact-finding documents.

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The email encryption tool offers their clients choice in today’s ‘new normal’. Clients can either complete services in person or, if they’d prefer the safety and time that remote services provide, complete them over email. It’s entirely up to the individual.

An Intuitive And Reliable Solution

As well as offering clients the convenience of choice, Stonebridge Financial gains a number of brilliant security benefits from Mailock. These include:

  • Protection from security threats
  • Identity authentication of email recipients
  • Data regulation compliance
  • Military-grade encryption for their clients’ personal data

In addition to this, they also enjoy Mailock’s cost-effective licensing plan, as well as its ease of integration. In just a few clicks, they can set up digital encryption which adds invaluable security to their emails.

"Integrating Mailock into our business was one of the simplest things I’ve ever done. It works with Unipass and Outlook in such an intuitive way."

— Andy Davies, Financial Adviser

Client Privacy, Guaranteed

For the team at Stonebridge Financial, an email encryption solution was essential for their clients’ privacy.

With Mailock by Beyond Encryption, their advisers can now communicate with ease, all without fear of a breach. On top of this, they can offer competitive remote services in a new digital-first world.

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