Mailock® secure email

Streamline AML/KYC Processes

Save time, protect privacy

Simplify AML (anti-money-laundering) and KYC (know-your-customer) processes with secure email. Save time and protect data.

Upgrade client comms

In highly regulated sectors, sensitive communications drive business - but they can often hold it up. Open-risk email is too insecure to exchange sensitive information, and post is too slow to keep up with customer expectations. Secure email upgrades your sensitive communications for the 21st century, improving the client experience and maximising operational efficiency.

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Secure digital delivery

Mailock integrates easily with any email provider to empower you to send encrypted, ID-secure messages and attachments. Use Mailock to exchange sensitive documents with clients and verify their identity before they can gain access. Maintain compliance with FCA guidance with full audit trails, encryption at rest and in transit, and confirmation of delivery.

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Why Mailock?

The benefits of Mailock for AML/KYC processes

Mailock AML KYC

Secure exchanges

Protect sensitive information sent to clients, and empower them to return messages and attachments securely, for free.


Transform comms

Turn email into a medium that can be used to deliver instantly and efficiently with no compromise in the protection of data.


Maintain compliance

Meet your regulatory compliance obligations to maintain auditable communications logs and encrypt sensitive information.


Maximise efficiency

Deliver instantly on your commitments with a secure digital thread to your clients. Conduct AML/KYC processes with zero friction.

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Want to know more?

Learn about Mailock’s other features to see how it could help drive your business.