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Pru Warns IFAs Over Email Scammers Asking for Payments

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IFAs have been warned about scammers pretending to be from Prudential UK and asking for payment details.

In a message to advisers, seen by New Model Adviser®, Prudential said it has been alerted to several emails, which ‘at first glance look like they’ve come from a Prudential email account’ but are in fact scams.

‘The email in question has a person’s name followed by @prudentiaplc.co.uk or @prudentiasl.com and asks for a resolution to settling an account payment,’ read the message.

Prudential states, ‘these emails have not been issued by Prudential. Please do not take any action on any such emails including opening any attachments or links they may contain. Our security and financial crime teams are investigating this abuse of our identity as a matter of urgency. Please accept our apologies.’

A representative from Pru, which is a trading name of M&G, said if any advisers receive this email, they should block the sender and inform M&G of the message. A spokesman for the provider said: ‘This was picked up quickly and advisers notified quickly through mass and dedicated adviser communications.’

What do the emails look like? In one of the fake Pru emails sent to advisers, they are asked for information ‘as soon as possible so that we can proceed to have the matter resolved and payment settled accordingly’. The message contained an email signature that copied Pru’s.

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