Mailock® Secure email

Revoke email mistakes before it's too late

Revoke that works, every time

Mailock secure email gives you the power to block access to sensitive information and attachments anytime, regardless of the receiving email client.

Are you covered from
the #1 source of risk?

According to the ICO (Information Commissioner's Authority), emails sent to the wrong person are the #1 cause of data compromise. However, the standard recall function available in email clients is often only able to block access to misfired emails on some systems and devices, leaving businesses and customers exposed.

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Prevent human
caused data loss

Mailock gives you the power to revoke sensitive information and documents before they are read. Secure audit trails also tell you if emails have been opened or attachments downloaded. This means you can quickly assess a misfire and establish whether a data leak has occurred.

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Why Mailock?

The benefits of Mailock revoke

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Prevent interception

Protect against email interception and fraud with military-grade encryption. Not even we could access revoked emails.


Maintain compliance

ICO guidance says to block access to a misfired email as soon as possible. Mailock gives you a solution you can rely on.


Protect wellbeing

Empower employees to exchange information efficiently with peace-of-mind that email misfires can be locked down.


Transform email

Upgrade your outbound security to leverage the speed and sustainability benefits of email over postal mail.

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