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Mailock Desktop

Mailock Desktop Edition enables users to send and receive emails securely using a web browser or our Outlook Add-In which provides simple integration into your desktop email client experience.

Securing your communications is simple - encryption and 'recipient identity verification' capabilities at your fingertips.

Mailock Desktop Edition maintains your normal processes and work flows whilst also using your existing email address(es) and infrastructure.

How it works

The Outlook Add-In seamlessly integrates with Mailock's core systems ensuring that your recipient benefits from a simple, secure and gratifying user experience

  • User composes email at Desktop / Mobile device / Web
  • Mailock offers the sender a choice of 'recipient identity' verification methods to secure the message
  • Email is encrypted and sent using Beyond Encryption's platform
  • Mailock notification message is sent via users email infrastructure (POP,IMAP, Exchange etc) to recipient via internet
  • Message content has already been secured to recipient
  • Encryption takes place at the desktop
  • Anti-Malware / Data Loss Prevention / Anti-Virus software / other server-side technologies are unable to scan the secure email
  • Recipient receives secure email notification
  • Recipient is required to prove their identity to the sender before being permitted access to content / attachment(s)
  • Recipient can read their email Desktop / Mobile device / Web
  • NO account is required by the recipient to read the secure message content
  • Sender retains right to revoke email
  • FREE read and reply features are available to the recipient to secure any response, including attachment(s)
  • NOTE - A FREE reply licence will be required for this feature
  • Once a recipient has corresponded with the sender, the message exchange process becomes frictionless
  • Highly secure desktop to desktop encryption - Anti-Malware / Data Loss Prevention / Anti-Virus software / other server-side technologies are unable to interact with the outbound secure email
  • No reliance upon negotiated security protocols ( e.g. TLS etc) for smaller companies, SMEs or individual users

Mailock Supports

Mailock Desktop Features

Recipient Identity Authentication

Full sender revoke capability

Digital Recorded Delivery® - Auditable communication

Military Grade Encryption