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Mailock Enterprise – Server Side / Gateway Implementation

Mailock Enterprise edition enables Businesses to implement Mailocks unique security features into their corporate infrastructure.

The Mailock Gateway requires minimal installation and user interaction for deployment and can simply be integrated into existing 'mail flow' systems with encryption policies defined by the sending organisation.

How it works

The Mailock gateway encrypts email content, including attachments, interfacing with Mailock's centralised systems to allow recipients to benefit from the broader, secure eco system - see Mailock Desktop / Mailock Automation

  • User composes email at Desktop with corporate mail system of choice
  • Message is sent ‘unencrypted’ across corporate network to outbound mail server
  • Corporate email server receives email from client desktop
  • Email can be scanned by Anti-virus, Malware, Data Loss Prevention or other corporate systems of choice
  • Organisation's security policy determines the automatic encryption / decryption status of outbound / inbound communications
  • The message is sent via Beyond Encryption’s Mailock platform and will be secured automatically by an auto-generated password or external recipient identity verification services
  • Recipient receives secure email at Desktop / Mobile Device / Web
  • Recipient satisfies sender identity verification challenge and opens email / attachment(s)
  • Recipient can reply securely without cost
  • Corporates can employ their own email and security policies
  • Corporates can specify the required level of recipient security and identity proof
  • No reliance on user interaction or local desktop policy to ensure that content is securely transmitted
  • Mobile usage should always be accompanied by relevant corporate security or VPN’s

Mailock Supports

Mailock Enterprise Features

Organisational policy driven encryption / decryption

Minimal implementation friction

Recipient 'Digital Recorded Delivery®' - auditable delivery to ID verified recipient.

Minimal recipient requirement for usage