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Mailock Automation – Secure volume email delivery platform

Mailock functions can be accessed / utilised by way of API's / Webservices, enabling developers to automate the secure despatch of email content and attachments, as well as defining the recipient identity verification method / process.

Whether low or high volume automated processes, control of the secure send process is afforded to the sender, including access to the message audit data associated with 'Digital Recorded Delivery®'

How it works

A virtual or 'on premise' installation and connected 'encryption storage' integrates with the sender systems, thereby allowing the recipient to join and benefit from the features and benefits of Mailock's secure eco system.

  • Enterprise composes / renders email communication content, including attachments, with any metadata pertinent to the recipient
  • Communication can be stored within the sender's normal email system / databases
  • Message is sent to Mailock Automation server across the sender's corporate network to facilitate secure send process
  • Mailock Automation server receives email content / attachments from API's / Web Services.
  • All email content can be scanned by Anti-virus, Malware, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) or other corporate systems of choice
  • The email content and attachments are encrypted by the Mailock Automation server, as determined by the sender's settings, and sent via Beyond Encryption’s Mailock platform.
  • Content is secured to the intended recipient in the manner determined by sender: auto generated password / SMS to recipient Mobile number / Pre-agreed challenge(s) / external services etc.
  • Recipient receives secure email, meets sender identity challenge and opens their email.
  • Recipient can read their email at their desktop, mobile or via the Web.
  • Recipient can reply securely without cost
  • Automation of otherwise costly and inefficient print, pack and post processes
  • Facilitates significant reduction in cost and positive ecological impact through reduced carbon footprint
  • Capable of sending high volume emails with full queueing and MI/Reporting.
  • Securely integrated into infrastructure using API’s and Metadata
  • Full audit trail available of delivery to identified / intended recipient

Mailock Supports

Mailock Automation Features

Increased Process Efficiency

Accelerated Delivery / User Engagement

Auditable - Digital Recorded Delivery®

Positive economic and ecological impact